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Connectronics Corporation was founded in 1988 to design and manufacture specialized connectors and interconnection systems for a variety of industries including defence, medical, aerospace, and scientific. Its stated mission is to provide customers with High Voltage connectors and HV interconnection systems of the highest quality and reliability.

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Specialized Electronic Connectors
Connectronics features specialized electronic connectors including high voltage interconnect, aerospace connectors, and underwater connectors for the defence industry, high current connectors for stage and entertainment lighting, and multi-pin cable assemblies for commercial/industrial uses, including medical and nuclear applications.
Connectronics product features include:
  • High Voltage capabilities with ratings from 1 to 100 KVDC
  • Typical operating environments: -55º C. to +125º C. @ sea level
          to 70,000 ft. corona free
  • Custom solutions engineered to specifications and tested on site
  • ISO9001:2000 + AS9100B certified company
  • Over 300 years of combined connector and interconnect experience
  • HVT are also able to supply Cables, Capacitors and Diodes as well as performing Custom Design work.