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Essex X-Ray specialise in the design and manufacture of Receptacles used for connecting HV cables to power supplies, X-ray tubes and other equipment. Markets include Medical and Industrial X-ray, military, electron beam welding, high energy, pulsed power and particle physics applications with voltages up to 300kVdc.

High Voltage Receptacles are available in the following styles and voltages up to 300KV: 65kV (R3), 100kV (R10), 160kV (R24), 210kV (R30), 225kV (R28), 300kV and custom types.

A comprehensive range of chassis mounted generator and x-ray tube receptacles are available to suite all connector types and voltages.

Essex X-Ray Receptacle
A wide range of termination clamping flanges, insulation paste, receptacle blanking plugs and test probes are available.
Other cable types available are Medical X-Ray, Industrial X-Ray, High Energy and Pulsed Power, Analytical and Scientific and Custom Design. Essex X-Ray would be pleased to discuss your HV cable interconnect requirements