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Industrial connectors

Essex X-Ray specialise in the design and manufacture of High Voltage X-Ray cable assemblies and Receptacles to fit most makes of industrial equipment.

Industrial X-Ray cables with moulded rubber terminations are available for the following DC voltages and connector styles: 65kV (R3), 100kV (R10), 160kV (R24), 210kV (R30), 225kV (R28) and Pantak types.

Cables are available with any combination of connector type or cable length to suit the customers system and application.

Essex X-Ray cable has been selected for its flexibility, low noise and excellent high voltage characteristics giving it a large operating voltage safety margin.

Cable Accessories
A wide range of termination clamping flanges, insulation paste and receptacle blanking plugs are available.
Chassis mounted generator and x-ray tube receptacles are available for all applications.
Other cable types available are Medical X-ray, Analytical & Scientific, High Energy and Pulsed Power, Receptacles and Custom Design. Essex X-Ray would be pleased to discuss your HV cable interconnect requirements