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High Voltage Custom Designs

The Essex X-Ray group of companies specialises in the custom design and manufacture of HV products to customer requirement. We undertake all levels of work from product design, production tooling to manufacture and final testing. Both one off specials and volume production are undertaken.

Essex X-Ray, HVT (High Voltage Technology) and Brookvine Divisions are able to draw upon a wide range of products and technical expertise enabling them to offer the customer a full turnkey service.

Essex X-Ray High Voltage cable assemblies and interconnects
HVT High Voltage components and cable
Brookvine Cast resin products, encapsulation, assembly and testing

Essex X-ray offers a one-stop design to production service.

If you require a special High Voltage cable, connector, component, or electro mechanical device for your product but cannot find it please contact us and we will be pleased to assist.

Essex X-Ray Custom Products