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Brookvine are specialists in the design and manufacture of Neutron shielding and Neutron detectors for use in particle physics applications.

This work has resulted in Brookvine developing a unique zero hydrogen in product (ZHIP) bonding method giving enhanced performance when used in vacuum applications.

Brookvine neutron shielding
Neutron Shielding
For more than 12 years Brookvine has manufactured resin bonded Boron Carbide panels for shielding within Neutron scattering instruments such as the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) ISIS facility.

The Neutron shielding manufactured for RAL uses Boron Carbide grit (commonly referred to as B4C) mixed with resin in varying ratios and cast in moulds. Mixing with resin is an easier and more cost effective method of fabrication than sintered pieces and is therefore more commonly used.

Brookvine's work with RAL has led to the development of various types of mouldings: from the crispy mix which has very low resin content for in vacuum applications to minimise out-gassing from the resin, to the higher resin content required for smaller more complex castings.

Neutron Detectors
Brookvine has been contracted to undertake the manufacture of optically coupled scintillated Neutron Detectors for use at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory RAL ISIS facility. Neutron detectors have been supplied for Osiris, HRPD and Gem instruments, amongst others.
Brookvine also offers Resin Casting, Encapsulation and Potting and Custom Design services.